Honed Concrete

Suitable for outdoors

Slip resistant

Honed concrete is the most popular outdoor concrete finish, suitable for any area. 

As an alternative to exposed aggregate concrete, a polished concrete mix is installed and then ground down to expose the stones. A sealant is then applied to ensure a slip-resistant surface and to achieve an easily maintainable product.


Existing driveways can be revitalised through the same process.

Click here to download the Geostone honed concrete range chart.



We currently have an exposed aggregate driveway, can we hone the existing concrete?

Yes! Most driveways can be honed to revitalise the area and create a new stylish entrance to your home.

What is the difference between Polished Concrete and Honed Concrete?

This is the most commonly asked question. The simple answer is that polished concrete is for internal areas, while honed concrete is for external areas. Honed concrete is the same initial process as polished concrete. The polished concrete process then goes on to grout, densify, buff and polish to create a perfect smooth and seamless finish. 

Will my honed concrete be slippery?

Honed concrete is a smooth matte like surface and is easier on the feet than exposed aggregate or pavers. Our team add a slip resistant sealant at the end of the process ensuring your new driveway or pool surround is safe to run around on, even if wet.

Is my honed concrete easy to keep clean?

Not only does honed concrete look great, but it is easy to maintain.  All that is required is a sweep and a light hose. For long term maintenance, a deep high pressure clean and reapplication of sealer can be completed every few years.

I'm thinking of getting a new honed driveway, what mixes are available?

Just like when selecting coloured concrete or exposed aggregate, there are a range of polished concrete mixes available that we can hone. We have a range of concrete suppliers we source our mixes from to bring you the widest range possible available in Sydney. Contact us today to receive the latest range charts.

How long will it take to hone the area?

It will depend on the size of the area, but for around 50-100 m2, we generally allow two days to complete the honing. Sealing will take place at a later stage once the area has settled and this process will take one day.

How cost effective is honed concrete?

Rather than engaging two separator contractors, we can lay the concrete and complete the honing. This allows us to offer our clients affordable packages. Compared to other materials such as cobblestones and pavers which require a concrete blinding slab to be laid underneath, the cost per m2 is often lower. The exact price per m2 for honed concrete will depend on the desired concrete mix.

Do you service my area?

We service the Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore, Sydney.